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We’re your local fully trained flat roofers in Naas Co Kildare, specialist contractors and approved by AVP Products Ltd, the market leader in Torch on felt roofs | Fibreglass roofs | Flat roof repairs | Emergency flat roof leak repairs.

The performance of each of our roofers is regularly monitored and randomly inspected, to ensure a continued high standard on all roof repairs & installations, which enables us to offer a 20 year insurance backed guarantee on our new roof installations & 10 years guarantee on flat roof repairs.

Flat Roof Pricing Examples Kildare

Below you will find three price examples for both single and double garage roofs, these are the most common types of flat roofs in the Ireland, so use these figures as a starting point:

Flat roofing Kildare

Flat Roof Replacement & Repair Costs

Want to know how much it costs to repair or replace a flat roof? In this article we provide a breakdown of prices for both repairing and replacing flat roofs.

This includes the cost for materials, labour and a cost per square metre, allowing for easy calculations so that any homeowner can determine an estimate for their job.

Flat roofing Kildare

The most common type of flat roof that needs replacing or repairing is a garage roof.

 For a single garage roof covering replacement, you’re looking at around €1000 to €1500 with the price increasing by around 50% for a double garage.

The main component that will affect the cost of a new flat roof is the material it's made from. For example, felt roofs are very cheap when compared to lead or fibreglass. Keep reading to find out what else can affect the overall cost and how you can keep costs down.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace or Repair a Flat Roof?

No matter how professionally a flat roof is fitted, there will come a time when it begins to fail, leaking at first, but eventually bowing in and in danger of collapse.

When you see signs of leaking, you should consider repairing or replacing the roof, putting things off will not fix the problem, but will make it worse and more expensive! As to whether you should repair or replace the roof, that depends on the roofing material and the amount of damage.

 Funnily enough flat roofs are generally built with a slight incline to allow rainwater to drain off into gutters, so basically most flat roofs aren’t actually flat!

The average cost of replacing a complete flat roof is usually in the range of €1500 - €2000 depending upon what materials the roofer uses, whether or not scaffolding will be needed, and the size of the roof.

There are numerous flat roof applications which have varying costs.

Most roofers operate in pairs and will typically charge around €200 to €300 per day each roofer. Usually, the job will be completed within a single day, and the roofer should always come back the next day to ensure there are no leaks.

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What Does Replacing a Flat Roof Entail?

Flat roofs are made up of roofing timbers or joists which are laid across walls at a specified distance apart; then they are covered with some sort of boards or sheeting that usually need to be waterproofed.

There are many different types of flat roof materials, although Mineral felt roof are the most common.

When replacing a flat roof, it makes sense to fit new fascia boards at the same time, as these will have to removed anyway, so you are already paying the labour for half the job anyway! In addition, a flat roof that has been leaking may also need the roof joists themselves treated or even replaced if they are damp and rotting.

 It makes no sense to fit a new roof on top of rotting joists. So a joiner or carpenter may be required, along with a decorator to finish the interior.

To help you understand the replacement process, take a look at the below guide which covers the different roof types.

Felt Roof

The first step involves using a small spade to separate the felt and the timber underlay. Fascia boards, edgings and trims will also be removed during this process. 

The decking will then be measured to establish how much felt you need.

The felt will then be layered onto the roof and fitted by nailing it in, making sure to leave an overlap which will protect the roof from adverse weather. The felt may also be secured with adhesive and drilled in fascia boards.

Flat roofing Kildare

Lead Roof

To remove lead material, your tradesmen will use a diamond-tipped small angle grinder. They will go no deeper than 15 to 20 mm and will tend to use a screwdriver to remove the tiles thoroughly. 

The lead will then be measured, laid out and slightly onto the top of your roof. Rolled up lead should then be hammered between the brickwork and the wall to create a secure structure. 

What Does Repairing a Flat Roof Entail?

Typically a flat roof repair job will involve essentially re-waterproofing a section of the roof, although many other repairs can be undertaken depending on the type of roof you have.

Felt Roof

If you have a felt roof, then any leaks may cause blistering.

The felt repair process for this involves cleaning the surface and removing any mould. A tradesman will then use a heat gun to heat up the area where the leak occurred, making sure that they do not apply too much pressure as felt can melt easily.

Once it is completely dry, the adhesive will be applied to the area, and a new piece of felt will be put in its place and secured with more adhesive.

Cost Affecting Factors of Replacing or Repairing a Flat Roof

There are several considerations you need to take into account when assessing roof replacement or flat roof repair costs.

The most important being the type of roof you choose, as prices can vary with a felt roof repair costing an affordable €50 per square metre. Mid-range choices include rubber at €80 per square metre and fibreglass at €90 per square metre.

You may also need to consider what the roof is for, as the bigger the area you want to cover the more expensive it is. The most common roof applications include a garage roof (€1,500), porch roof (€3,000), dormer roof (€4,000), bay window (€7,000) and main roof (€10,000).

You will need to weigh up waste disposal costs when replacing or repairing materials, as the typical expense is around €100 for a tradesman to get rid of any waste.

Which flat roof material is the Best?

Now you have a good idea of how much a new flat roof will cost, you’ll need to decide which material is best for your roof.

There are pros and cons to each material, so we’ve created an in-depth guide that is targeted to beginners and those with very little knowledge of flat roof options.

Flat roofing Kildare | We secure you roof | no more flat roof problems

Explore our impartial guide and discover answers to questions such as:

  • Do I really need to replace the costly timber decking underneath the roof covering?
  • Which option is best?
  • Which material is cheapest?
  • Which will last the longest?
  • What type of flat roof looks the most appealing?
  • Do I need extra insulation?

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