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Fascia and soffit

Fascia and Soffits services in Kildare

Fascias and soffits may not be the most exciting home improvement you can make, but they play a vital role in protecting your property from weather damage.

Invest in new-look fascias and soffits, keep all weathers at bay - and improve the kerb appeal of your home in an instant! 

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Many soffits look completely solid. Your soffits likely look similar to shiplap or other side-by-side board treatments. However, soffits are actually ventilated coverings over the space where your roof overhang leads directly into the attic.

Fascia and soffit

Soffits assist with heat and moisture regulation by allowing greater airflow in the attic space and on the top floor. Additionally, soffits reduce the risk of pest infestation under the eaves call us today for soffit repairs & replacements in Kildare.


Fascia boards are an integral part of any home’s trim, which makes them aesthetically important. However, fascia is also structurally important.

Fascia boards provide support for roofing and gutter system elements. Without fascia support, the edge of your roof shingles could warp or droop.

Fascia and soffit

Without a fascia board, your gutter system would have to be mounted with straps onto your roof. With inadequate fascia support, your gutters could loosen, tilt, or fall due to debris or large amounts of precipitation.


If your soffits and fascia boards are in fair or good condition, you can take steps to prevent future issues. These steps should include regular cleaning and as-needed refinishing.

If you would like to reduce the amount of required eaves maintenance, consider having soffits and fascia coverings installed over the wood. Aluminum coverings offer the classic trim look, without the need of repainting and the risks of pest and water damage.

Use this information to take specific care of your home’s eaves and, by extension, the exterior as a whole.

For comprehensive home exterior services, including soffit and fascia coverings, trust Roofpro Kildare.

As with any other component of your home’s exterior, your soffits and fascia can become vulnerable to certain threats that may necessitate repair or replacement. Common threats that affect soffit and fascia integrity include:
  • Bird damage, such as fascia stains or corrosion from dropping
  • Cracks, chips, or holes
  • Insect damage, such as termite burrowing
  • Light damage
  • Rodent damage, such as nesting within the soffit cavity
  • Water damage
  • Warping
  • Weathering
  • Wood rot

If your eaves already look compromised by one or more of these issues, consult with a roofing expert on your options.

Why replace fascias and soffits?

So why should you replace fascias and soffits? Hopefully it’s not just because someone knocked on your door and made you an offer you simply couldn’t refuse.

Unlike soffits which are tucked safely away from the weather, fascias bear the brunt of the rains and snow.

Fascia and soffits

Also, any leaks from your gutters will drip across the fascia boards, making them vulnerable to weather related deterioration. When faced with rotting fascia boards, a homeowner has the following options to make the house look good again:

  • Cladding the existing fascia boards with UPVC panels – this is the cheapest option but if the fascia boards are falling apart the cladding won’t hold. Cladding could be an option for new timber fascia boards to protect them against wet weather.
  • The second option is to rip out the weather damaged fascia boards and replace them with new timber fascias. If you love painting and maintaining your fascias then this could be an option for you. Timbers will require preservative treatment before putting up.
  • The recommended option is to replace wooden fascias with UPVC fascia board because UPVC requires very minimal maintenance and is weatherproof and therefore durable.
  • Fascia board replacement costs

    For a typical 3 bedroom semi-detached house on two floors, replacing soffits and fascia board will require the erection of scaffolding. The price guide below assumes there are no access issues for scaffolding erection such as conservatories or parked vehicles which cannot be moved.

    The price does not include any remedial work to structural timbers, which are assumed to be in great condition. The house has a tiled, two hip roof with gutters to the front and rear of the property.

    Fascia and soffits

    To replace fascia,soffits & guttering on a front back and gable house at your choice of colour is €3000 - €750 for the front €750 for the back & €1500 for front & back gable

    The job will take two men a total of three days to complete. The above is an average price for the job and variations in prices can be expected across the different regions of Ireland. If you want the gutters replaced at the same time then extra costs will also apply.

    Standard white UPVC soffits and fascias are included in the price above. Other UPVC styles such as wood grain effect will cost considerably more. Other factors which will contribute to the price include:

    • Additional scaffolding to bridge across a conservatory.
    • Timber replacement to rotten rafters.
    • Extensive cement work to gable or apex.

    Fascia & soffit replacements and repairs in Co Kildare

    We offer a full repair and installation service with fascia’s, guttering and soffits, both uPVC and aluminium. These features are understated commonly, however they are very important to a building and as such they should be kept in the best condition possible as they can have a damaging effect on not only the appearance of a building but also the structural integrity of it.

    We supply and fit a wide range of uPVC fascia & soffits in Kildare including seamless aluminium gutters, cast aluminium gutters, uPVC gutters, and cast iron gutters, uPVC fascia and soffit in white black and brown, wood grain finish in golden oak, aluminium soffit in a range of colours( both vented and plain ) uPVC soffit which is vented during installation.

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    Why Is It a Problem When Birds Nest in a Soffit?

    Soffits can be a magnet for birds, as they provide a warm, secluded nesting spot. The small overhangs on a property can lead to birds nesting in the soffits, eaves and rafters. 

    However, this behaviour can lead to long-term problems. Birds may become hostile when homeowners or visitors venture too close, while cracks and weaknesses in the roof may lead to birds venturing inside your property. Aside from the potential health hazards of having birds nesting in your soffit, it can also affect the exterior appearance of your home. Over time, bird droppings can permanently stain your property — the last thing you want is to have a new soffit — or even roof — installed, only to have it ruined by unsightly stains and messy bird nests.

    How to Get Birds out of Your Soffit

    If you already have a bird’s nest beneath your eaves, it’s important to understand what action you can take.

    Check your property and clean out and seal any holes or gaps. You can also fix a fine wire mesh over the entrance to the nest so that you see if any birds remain trapped. Then, when you’re sure no birds remain, you can make more permanent repairs.

    How to Stop Birds Nesting in a Soffit

    So how can you stop birds nesting in your roof? Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take.

    Complete any Necessary Repairs

    If birds have been nesting in your soffit, they may have caused damage to your roof and property. To ensure the measures you later put in place are effective — and to ensure safety for you and your family — you must first make sure that there’s no permanent damage to your roof.

    Nesting birds can cause roof tiles to become loose. Broken or missing tiles provide easy access for birds and also causes the underlying material that keeps out water to deteriorate, which can lead to water leaks and damp within your home.

    You should also check your soffit for any damage. While fascias are hardwearing and won’t bend or warp, these — along with soffits — may have holes poked in them by nesting birds. You may choose to use a sealant to cover these holes or replace your soffit entirely. This isn’t just a practical measure — it’ll also improve the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

    Build a Bird Box for a Soffit

    While you don’t want birds nesting in your soffit or roof, you may not be averse to them having a dedicated home. Installing a bird box will naturally deter them from nesting in your property — especially if you are attracting swallows, which tend to make their nests in the eaves. Place your external bird box just beneath the eaves and out of direct sunlight. In the winter, you can take it down and clean it, ready for the birds to return to their home in April the following year. This allows you to enjoy seeing birds come and go without risking damage to your home.

    Eliminate Sources of Food

    Many birds nest under the eaves and in soffits because they’re attracted to a nearby food source. Taking simple steps like installing netting over your garden, covering or moving any outdoor bins and regularly cleaning your guttering to prevent standing water can all deter birds from your home.

    install a ventilation soffit

    If your home doesn’t have a soffit or it’s looking a bit worse for wear, why not install a new soffit? This will run around your entire roof, sealing it up to prevent access from pesky nesters. The soffits we install at Roofpro Kildare are fully ventilated to prevent condensation and dry rot within your home and come in a variety of finishes and colours — whether you have a period property or a modern new build, we can install a soffit that perfectly complements your home.

    Are you looking to keep birds from nesting in your roof by installing or replacing a soffit? Roofpro Kildare is the leading installer of fascias, soffits, guttering and more in the Co Kildare area. Get in touch with our friendly team today to receive a free no-obligation quote!

    How to stop birds getting under roof tiles

    Birds nesting under roof tiles can be a massive pain for many homeowners as they find their porches, paths, gardens and conservatories are often covered in bird excrement. Other issues can arise too including tiles becoming dislodged and damage being done to the roofline. If birds are already an issue for you here are some solutions

    Eaves Protectors

    It is good design to always incorporate roof eaves on all sides of your house. Eaves will also help save you time and money. 

    What do Eaves protectors do?

    The Eaves protectors creates a barrier against birds and large insects.Eaves Protection also prevent felt sagging at eaves level and It prevents them entering the void between the underside of Profiled Tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs.

    Roof repairs Kildare


    You can probably identify the eaves of your home, but many homeowners cannot be more specific than that. In homes with roofs that hang over the side of the house, these overhangs are known as eaves.

    eaves protection kildare

    eaves protection kildare

    The eaves consist of two main parts: soffits and fascia boards. If you were to stand directly under your eaves and look up, what you’d see is the soffit. The soffit goes beneath the overhang and therefore lays parallel to your porch and yard.

    In this hypothetical tour, if you were to step back so you could see more of the eaves, you could identify the roof, tiles, and now the soffits. If you were to look directly at the eaves, however, you would notice a piece of trim that connects the soffit to the roof.

    This piece is known as a fascia board. Fascia sits parallel to the siding of your home and therefore faces outward, away from your home, while soffits face downward.

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