Dry Verge & Dry Ridge System

Dry Verge

Dry Verges are mechanically fixed and each unit individually screwed, with the next unit interlocking, giving extra strength and hiding the screws and offering the maximum protection against strong wind and water penetration. All this provides you long term protection with a neat, attractive appearance and virtually maintenance free. Call: 045254206 or 087-7542-902.

Dry Ridge

The ‘Dry Ridge System’ has been developed to provide an easy maintenance-free alternative to traditional mortar bedding. As a modern alternative to top boards, which can deteriorate, Simply Roofing fits Dry Ridge. The Dry Verge and Dry Ridge System can be specified to match you're existing tiles and are available in Brown, Grey and Terracotta.

Dry Ridge & Dry verge are now recognised as the best method of securing ridge and eaves roof tiles and is recommended by NHBC!.

Advantages of Dry Ridge System

  • It does not blow off: Among other things that influence the lifespan or bond of the ridge tiles, the dry ridge will not blow off under normal conditions and there will be no risk associated with it during storms. You will be free from risks such as the tiles falling on the floor.
  • Maintenance: Although mortar mixes tend to degrade with time, there is no maintenance required for Dry Ridge systems.
  • Dry verge
    • Ventilation: Dry ride provides excellent ventilation in the roof space and it does not allow any condensation build-ups on the roof.
    • Movement: You may be shocked to know that roofs move! The main reason is due to the vibrations in the surrounding or through natural contraction and expansion. In the case of dry ridges, this risk is eliminated.
    • Call: 045254206 or 087-754-2902

    Residential roofing Specialists in Kildare

    • Maintenance Free
    • Cost-Effective
    • Fast Installation
    • Long Guarantee
    • Well Ventilated
    Dry verge

    Expert Dry Verge & Dry Ridge installers in Co Kildare!

    Dry Verge and Dry Ridge system in Kildare

    Dry Verge & Dry-fix ridge systems are now recognised as the best method of securing ridge and eaves roof tiles and is recommended by NHBC, the northern Irelands largest provider of new home warranties. Benefits of plastic dry verge over the traditional mortar method include: less affected by expansion and contraction; not affected by UV or freeze/thaw; doesn't draw moisture onto roof batten; requires no maintenance; can be fitted quickly and easily in any conditions.

    A dry ridge / verge system gives a strong weather tight solution for concrete overlocking tiles. Each verge unit is mechanically secured without the need of a traditional mortar making them more secure and less prone to dislodgement in adverse weather conditions. 

    Why not contact us today and arrange an informal meeting to discuss exactly what it is you require from your new roof? Call: 045-254-206 or 087-754-2902

    Fed up with having to repeatedly re-point the edges of your tiled roof? 

    Installations provide the only permanent maintenance-free solution to the problem of tiled edges on roofs.We fit the latest uPVC Dry Verge systems, suitable for weather-proofing almost all types of tiled and slated roof edges.

    Tiled roofs have a cement infill on the edges of the roof above the bargeboards.

    This tiled edge cracks and perishes causing the cement to drop out (potentially on you or your car!) and the edge to become insecure in high winds.

    Dry Verge look so much better than cement and will hold your tiles in place even in severe weather. Our own specially developed Dry Verge installation system provides additional fixings for ultimate protection and ensures a permanent and completely secure edge to your roof.

    12 months guarantee comes with both systems call today & get 20% off 045254206

    Affordable Dry Verge installations Kildare

    We also install Dry Verge systems suitable for slated and small-tile roofs called

    Before fitting Dry Verge we always remove all the existing perished cement from the tiled edge as this only serves to retain moisture causing the tile battens to deteriorate. This has the added bonus of improving ventilation to help preserve the tile battens.

    We trim the tiles to give the precise overhang specified by the Dry Verge unit manufacturer.We then check the condition of the existing tile battens and roofing felt and repair as necessary.

    Next we install an additional longitudinal tantalised timber batten for extra strength and security.Finally after all this thorough preparation we securely fix the Dry Verge units into place.

    Dry Verge and Dry Ridge installations in Leixlip,Celbridge,Naas,Newbridge,Maynooth & surrounding areas in Co Kildare

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